Fantasy Setting #98125-A

Game 4 - The Archives

Return to Illicothe

After having collected several pendants that manipulated the gates around the tower the party set out to find there prize. They began to piece together the puzzle of the gates to traverse the towers few remaining rooms. Once they puzzled this out and found their way down to the lowest level of the tower, The Archives. A tower of books and staircases, a large automaton guarding the vast knowledge held there. The party defeated the guardian and scoured the archives for any information on the teleportation gates ways. Two tomes were found that describe the gates inner workings, perhaps even the key to shut them back down. More exploration into the ruins of the tower the party found their way out back into the ruins of the shard, Illicothe.

Traveling back tired and injured the party made their way back to the Hall of Runners where they would spend the night and rest, setting back out in the morning.



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