Fantasy Setting #98125-A

Game 2 - Return to the Ruins

Down with the sickness

After returning to Illicothe from their failed rescue attempt of a salvage team outside of the shard, the party slipts up to rest and recoup. During the return trip Halathor and Alara fell ill with filth fever, forcing them to seek aid from the Hall of Faith. When the two regained their strength they decided to return to their plans from before the excursion. While Halathor relayed to the Hall of Faith of the death of the scavenging party, Alara sought out her contact in the Hall of Runners.

After meeting with Haldor, the Master of the Hall, where the pair met with a new comrade and a merc after the rest of the first expedition left to return to their own lives. Content Not Found: vex and Lunk joined Alara and Halathor on a task from the Hall of Runners to return to the ruins they had found before. While there they were to discover the cause of the attacks, and return with artifacts of the ancient world, in reward they would earn there place among the runners, and a small pile of coins as well.

After using the store rooms of the Hall, the party set back out into the wilds, to return to the ruins. After a day off hard bush whacking they make it to their campsite on the edge of the clearing around the ruins. The night brought an ambush set by small humanoids covered in an oily pink skin, with a maw full of sharp blackened teeth, and their hunting hound of similar description. After defeating the assault it was discovered that the creatures were without eyes, although their faces appear to have space to accommodate them.

The next morning the party set out to accomplish their tasks amid the ruins. Their search of the ruins led them down a hole into the depths below the ruins. While exploring this tunnels below, Content Not Found: vex fell ill after an encounter with the foul vermin the party had seen before.

After spending a day and many hours below the surface the party found a key to a locked chamber. In this locked chamber they found a body and a collection of pages in a language they could not understand. Having accomplished what they had come to do, find artifacts of interest and discover what they believe to be the source of the attacks the party returned to the surface and set off back to the safety of Illicothe.



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