Fantasy Setting #98125-A

Game 1 - Into the wilds
Character creation

A man came running into town seeking aid form those who would brave the wilds to assist his dying allies. The party amassed on the edge of Illicothe where introductions were made.

Once prepared the party traveled for several hours out of the safety of the shard through the dense woods and ruins of the wilds to the camp site where the man, Gruff, and his allies were attacked by weird beast. By Gruff’s description it was determined they were probably weird Rats. Tracks were found and followed to a fairly open area of ruins where the party was attacked while searching for the entrance to the Deep where Gruff’s allies appear to have been dragged. The weird rats were dispatched and wounds patched up.

Night fell as the party moved to rest in a nearby structure, only to find the morning brought more danger than the party was hoping for. An assassin vine proved to be quite a challenge as it nearly claimed the life of Bjol and did claim Gruff. The party was forced to retreat, but not before setting the vine and surrounding foliage on fire in an attempt to rid themselves of the deadly weed.

This is were we left off, in a trudge back to the shard.

Game 2 - Return to the Ruins
Down with the sickness

After returning to Illicothe from their failed rescue attempt of a salvage team outside of the shard, the party slipts up to rest and recoup. During the return trip Halathor and Alara fell ill with filth fever, forcing them to seek aid from the Hall of Faith. When the two regained their strength they decided to return to their plans from before the excursion. While Halathor relayed to the Hall of Faith of the death of the scavenging party, Alara sought out her contact in the Hall of Runners.

After meeting with Haldor, the Master of the Hall, where the pair met with a new comrade and a merc after the rest of the first expedition left to return to their own lives. Content Not Found: vex and Lunk joined Alara and Halathor on a task from the Hall of Runners to return to the ruins they had found before. While there they were to discover the cause of the attacks, and return with artifacts of the ancient world, in reward they would earn there place among the runners, and a small pile of coins as well.

After using the store rooms of the Hall, the party set back out into the wilds, to return to the ruins. After a day off hard bush whacking they make it to their campsite on the edge of the clearing around the ruins. The night brought an ambush set by small humanoids covered in an oily pink skin, with a maw full of sharp blackened teeth, and their hunting hound of similar description. After defeating the assault it was discovered that the creatures were without eyes, although their faces appear to have space to accommodate them.

The next morning the party set out to accomplish their tasks amid the ruins. Their search of the ruins led them down a hole into the depths below the ruins. While exploring this tunnels below, Content Not Found: vex fell ill after an encounter with the foul vermin the party had seen before.

After spending a day and many hours below the surface the party found a key to a locked chamber. In this locked chamber they found a body and a collection of pages in a language they could not understand. Having accomplished what they had come to do, find artifacts of interest and discover what they believe to be the source of the attacks the party returned to the surface and set off back to the safety of Illicothe.

Game 3 - Did Lunk do something with his hair?
Journey to the Tower

We get back to the Runners Hall only to find that the pages of the journal reference some kind of gate, and what’s only referred to as an outsider getting through it. We’ve been tasked with closing this gate, but of course no one in the runners seems to know how to do that, we do have a lead though, there’s a merchant in the shard who is connected to the Circle of Mages who if our information is correct may know a way to get that gate closed. Something is off about Lunk though, he looks strange and he actually hit me. I mean he wasn’t exactly friendly to begin with but he’s never been physically violent towards me. I think the wilds are starting to get to him.

Shortly after meeting with our contact who told us about an old mages tower to the north we decided to head out. It shouldn’t take long at all to get there but we’re not sure how long we’ll be staying there. Seriously though, I can’t figure it out what changed between our last mission and the current one we’re on, did he cut himself shaving or something?

Nothing too much to say about the tower, some weird things have been happening Alara got some pretty severe paper cuts, and now we’re being followed by some weird paper creature. further in there is where the really exciting things are happening though. There are these weird gates that seem to be activated by some strange pendants that we’ve found inside of the tower that seem to be portals from one room in the tower to others. We’ve also found a very old artifact in one of the rooms that seems to recreate some of the things that have happened here far in the past, possibly even before the fall. More importantly though, I still can’t figure out why I can’t figure out what’s news with Lunk, maybe he cut his hair, I dunno but I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Game 4 - The Archives
Return to Illicothe

After having collected several pendants that manipulated the gates around the tower the party set out to find there prize. They began to piece together the puzzle of the gates to traverse the towers few remaining rooms. Once they puzzled this out and found their way down to the lowest level of the tower, The Archives. A tower of books and staircases, a large automaton guarding the vast knowledge held there. The party defeated the guardian and scoured the archives for any information on the teleportation gates ways. Two tomes were found that describe the gates inner workings, perhaps even the key to shut them back down. More exploration into the ruins of the tower the party found their way out back into the ruins of the shard, Illicothe.

Traveling back tired and injured the party made their way back to the Hall of Runners where they would spend the night and rest, setting back out in the morning.

Game 5
Back to the Ruins

Back into the wilds and to the ruins to find the gateway.


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