Vex Everwood

A young plucky elf who's mouth seems to run faster than his brain


Vex.jpgVex is a young elf and as such is cocky and arrogant. He has long, black but very well kept hair usually tied into a ponytail, though his most prominent feature are his vibrant green eyes. His skin is pale but clear of marks. An aura of both charisma and cunning surrounds him. He is usually clad in leather with weapons strapped to various parts of his armor.


Early in his years Vex hasn’t had much experience for an elf, but from the perspective of a human he is very well versed in the ways of shard life. In his first 30 years of life he learned quite quickly that he was much more crafty and cunning than the average person in the shard, because of this he spent most of his earlier years hustling those not intelligent enough to realize the games he was playing with them were stacked. Soon scamming them became mundane and he couldn’t get the same rush as he used to, it was as though the people he was scamming stopped trying to win. Soon he became interested in seeing new things and exploring new areas, That was the day he started doing menial work for the runners, a few years later and he was given his first real mission with, Lunk, Alara, and Halathor.

Vex Everwood

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