Anders Kylos


nders Kylos

Anders was stillborn over 60 years before his rebirth in the sewers of Magnimar.

His mother was a poor girl from the streets who lived on the edge of starvation and sold herself to whom ever would have her just to pay for her next meal and the few rags on her back. She had no real possessions and tried unsuccessfully to have the baby inside her removed through both mechanical and magical means. Her attempts at a magiccal “cure” may have infected Anders in utero.

The morning of Anders stillbirth the north wind brought down thick, grey, snow laden clouds from the north. His mother sheltered in a small lean-to expelled the cyanotic and very dead baby into the drifting snow that covered the muddy alley of his birth. His mother was incapacitated and unwilling to look at the child. A hag that lived in the same alley witnessed the birth and took the dead infant, finally tossing the body into an old sewer opening after whispering strange words. A passerby would have witnessed a strange glowing blue smoke leaving the cracked lips of the hag and passing into the slack mouth of the baby. The hag moved on into the shadows and Anders mother expired in the alley from exposure and exhaustion. The world above the sewer opening Anders was tossed into moved on as if nothing had happened and sixty years passed…

The Paladin lead group of adventures that found the infant, and now alive, Anders had no explination for how he had entered the long lost section of Magnimar’s sewer system and was at a loss as to just how the tiny human had survived the large group of ghouls that made that section its lair. The battle between those heroes and the ravenous undead they encountered lasted for nearly an entire day and cost two of the group their lives. They fought through the entrenched ghouls searching for a rumored lost artifact and treasure stolen hundreds of years before. Only Jaenilin the paladin and her companions, Finnen the rogue and Vitruvis the Mage, were able to live through the encounter.

The bodies of at least 13 ghouls covered the disgusting tube of brick, mud, detritus and who knew what when the survivors spotted the baby while digging through brik-a-brak. Anders was still wrinkled and pale but color was returning to his form as his withered little body filled with life before the adventurers eyes. Jaenilin believed that the infant was evil but could detect nothing of the pit or abyss in his little form. It was decided to take the child to the surface and give it to an orphanage in the poor quarter.

As the survivors reached the light of street level again and breathed a sigh of relief Vitruvis glanced down at the bundle he was tasked with carrying and exclaimed at the glyph tattoos that covered the child’s body from head to toe. The writing was magical, that much he could discern; he could not explain them nor could he read or decipher their meaning. He was astounded and supremely curious. Speaking with the Paladin he offered to raise the baby and attempt to uncover the meaning of the mysterious tattoos.

Over the the years Vitruvis studied, read, traveled and consulted some of the most learned sages and wizards known but was ultimately unable to discover the meaning of the glyphs on Anders body.

As the boy grew he evidenced an increasing aptitude and indeed, an inherent talent for magic. Vitruvis took it upon himself to instruct the lad and in this way Anders came to understand that he had a gift that required a lifelong study of the magical arts. His adventuring grew out of his need to discover more arcana and an attempt to continue the work his adopted father had begun, the attempt to know what the runes and glyphs that covered his body meant. His search for knowledge continues to this day as he looks for a group of adventures to continue his quest to know himself.

Anders Kylos, at 34 years-of-age, stands roughly 5’7 to 5’8” in height and weighs approximately 150lbs. He has extremely good posture and has a presence for a man of his stature. His hair and beard are black, almost unnaturally black. His eyes are pale gray and stare frankly out at the world. He wears his hair long and plaits some near his temples in braids. His slightly grey skin is covered in dark purple almost black runes and glyphs. Most are hidden under the dark, voluminous robes that he typically wears but on occasion they can be seen on his hands and his face. He favors a sickle and light crossbow for weapons but relies on his skills and innate magic to overcome the obstacles and trials that he faces. Anders is quiet and soft spoken. He believes that laws were created for the betterment of civilization but ultimately a creature controls its own destiny and remains as neutral in his dealings with others as is possible.

Anders Kylos

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