Fantasy Setting #98125-A

Game 1 - Into the wilds

Character creation

A man came running into town seeking aid form those who would brave the wilds to assist his dying allies. The party amassed on the edge of Illicothe where introductions were made.

Once prepared the party traveled for several hours out of the safety of the shard through the dense woods and ruins of the wilds to the camp site where the man, Gruff, and his allies were attacked by weird beast. By Gruff’s description it was determined they were probably weird Rats. Tracks were found and followed to a fairly open area of ruins where the party was attacked while searching for the entrance to the Deep where Gruff’s allies appear to have been dragged. The weird rats were dispatched and wounds patched up.

Night fell as the party moved to rest in a nearby structure, only to find the morning brought more danger than the party was hoping for. An assassin vine proved to be quite a challenge as it nearly claimed the life of Bjol and did claim Gruff. The party was forced to retreat, but not before setting the vine and surrounding foliage on fire in an attempt to rid themselves of the deadly weed.

This is were we left off, in a trudge back to the shard.



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