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Travel between the Shards was made faster when The Circle recently reopened a teleportation network from the ruins of the ancient civilization that the Shards are built on top of. This seems to come at a cost as rumors spread through the Shards that other worldly creatures have begun to appear. Unfortunately those that guard the people of the Shards are busy elsewhere as there are reports of constructs attempting to dismantle the bones of the old city for an unknown purpose, as if driven by an unseen master. Through this tough time there is one thing most people attribute as good though, the Ever Changing Wilds that inhabit the expanse between the Shards has gone almost silent.

Players are thrown into this world as adventurers, tasked with finding the relics of the long dead civilization, and any clues that could be used to stop the ever growing threat of a second Cataclysm.

Fantasy Setting #98125-A

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